Energia® 4 (OSD)

Software package offered Energia ® 4 (OSD) is directed primarily to the Business Energy Industry, which adopted the status and duties pertaining to the role of the new Distribution System Operator (nOSD) or given the opportunity to use the TPA - take advantage of the competitive offers to purchase electricity.


Implementation offered by our company software package makes it possible to:
• use existing enterprise infrastructure and transmission measurement, serving obtaining measurement data on the consumption of electricity metering and billing (read measurement data from all the most popular types of energy meters),
• balancing the demand for electricity, as well as calculating the amount of any difference,
• settlement of consumers as indicated by the measuring devices based on the rates and charges set out in its own tariff electricity
• records of contracts, both complex (for the provision of distribution and sale of electricity) and separated,
• Automatic preparation and submission of data for the purposes of billing, performed in the external accounting systems,

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